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Go More Natural: Modern, Witty Candles Are Trending

Go More Natural: Modern, Witty Candles Are Trending

Decorate Your Home With
Get A Whiff’s Hand-Poured Options

It doesn't take much to decorate your home, dorm room or office space — all you need is something that makes you laugh and adds some personality. Get A Whiff Co.’s artisans create the perfect carcinogen-free, wooden wick candles for both him and her.


Get A Whiff Co.’s “I'm In A Mahoganous Relationship” glass candle.

Enjoy The Wooden Wick Crackle

No matter what candle scent is more your style, one universal, absolutely non-negotiable factor is a wooden wick. The subtle “crackle” of a burning wooden wick candle is not only reminiscent of a soothing campfire, but it also adds to the general ambiance of any room. Your favorite scent is only enhanced by this relaxing, non-disturbing form of white noise — leaps and bounds ahead of normal candle wicks.



Get A Whiff Co.’s “Amber Management Class” mini candle.

Stop Breathing in Harmful Chemicals

Modern candles have modern ingredients. Get A Whiff is proud to create carcinogen-free candles that are far safer for you and your loved ones to breathe in. Created with a hand-poured natural coconut wax blend, our entire collection is free of harmful chemicals and burns free of soot. Take care of both your mental and physical health with our guilt-free options!



Get A Whiff Co.’s “It's Always Honey in Philadelphia” Glass candle.

Make Someone Smile Everyday

Our trademark lies in the witty, punny and clever titles we give all our natural candles — not only improving the air around you but adding in a little sass as well. Your friends, family and coworkers will get a kick out of“It’s Always Honey In Philadelphia” showing off your sitcom, or“I’m A Latte To Handle” letting everyone know just who they’re talking to. All that’s left is to find the title that suits you!



Get A Whiff Co.’s “The 40 Flower Workweek” glass candle.

His And Her Fragrances

Candles go both ways, which is why our carcinogen-free, wooden wick candles come in a variety of scents. Maybe the lemon and vanilla of“Lemon La Vida Loca” matches your personality best; maybe you need the more masculine combination of tobacco, sandalwood and amber in“Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It.” Read the detailed list of scent notes right now online to find the best one!




Join the trend of candles that are the perfect marriage of safe, satisfying and humorous. Let Get A Whiff help you brighten up your everyday life and show off  who you are!

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