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How To Spoil Yourself Without Spending Too Much

How To Spoil Yourself Without Spending Too Much


You work hard day in and day out every single week — taking care of your family, making progress in your career, paying bills, and keeping everything in order. But you can’t let self-care get lost in the mix; it’s important to take care of yourself and maintain proper mental health. Get A Whiff Co. wants to help you focus on pampering yourself in the most affordable, guilt-free way possible!


 I Stole These Orchids Coconut Wax Candle

Subtle Sass Says It All

Sometimes all any of us ever need is a subtle way to show our personality and sense of humor; there’s enough seriousness in life as it is. A perfect way to liven up any room or office is one of Get A Whiff Co.’s glass candles, featuring such witty and clever names as“I Stole These Orchids From The Neighbor” and“Sage Against The Machine.” This turns an everyday item (for both him and her) into an affordable conversational piece and source of endless laughter.


The Virgin Rosemary Wax Candle

Bundle Up Affordable Items

A common complaint about pampering yourself is that it’s expensive. While it’s common to feel like you aren't getting a lot for what you pay for,  an alternative is to stock up on smaller, budget-friendly  items. This can include one or two relaxing glass candles with long burn times (up to 70 hours each), or several small tin candles for about the same price. Don't choose between quality and affordability — find the balance of both!


Happy Birthday Wax Melts

Make Every Day A Special Occasion

Whether it’s your actual birthday or just a really hard day, you deserve something to make you smile. Now is the time to finally get around to pampering yourself (or someone close to you) with a Get A Whiff Co. wax melts. These are the ideal inexpensive gifts for every occasion — birthdays, housewarmings, holidays, “just because” — including your designated Self-Care Day. A chance to let go and relax is one lit match away. 


Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow Wax Candle

Not All Candles Are Created Equal

Treating yourself only happens every once in a while and needs to be a secure investment. You need something that induces relaxation and keeps you healthy at the same time. Get A Whiff Co.’s wooden wick candles come in a variety of scents for everyone’s tastes and are significantly better for you to breathe in. No known harmful chemicals or carcinogens — just hand-poured coconut wax blends for spa-like aromatherapy.



Everyone should have the financial ability to pamper themselves and feel special. It’s all about finding quality products at modest prices and Get A Whiff Co.’s online store is a perfect place to start!

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