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How Wood Burning Candles Promote Relaxation

How Wood Burning Candles Promote Relaxation

Three waysGet a Whiff Co. will transport you to your happy place.

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Sitting by a fire, watching the flames dance, and listening to the crackle of the wood can be very relaxing... almost hypnotizing.  In fact, it’s thought to possibly lower blood pressure. Get a Whiff Co. candles to aim to bring that relaxation into your home with our wood wick candles.  Not only doesGet a Whiff Co. use a clean-burning coconut wax blend, but the wood wicks also burn clean because they don’t get the carbon build-up that cotton wicks do.  All that clean-burning,  fire crackling goodness is how wood-burning candles promote relaxation.  Here are four waysGet a Whiff Co. will transport you to your happy place.

Get a Whiff Co.’s “Let it Tea” tin candle.

Relaxing Scents

We all have heard how scents like lavender and chamomile can promote relaxation and help you unwind after a busy day. Sage Against The Machine candles byGet a Whiff Co. contain calming notes of lavender and chamomile, and earthy sage which can help transport you to a calm and happy place.



Get a Whiff Co.’s “Citrus Protection Program” candle.

Clean Burning

When a candle is releasing harmful toxins and chemicals into your home, it can be pretty difficult to relax.Get a Whiff Co.'s candles are made from a unique blend of more-natural fragrances and coconut wax that burns free from known harmful carcinogens and phthalates while our wood wicks burn with reduced carbon buildup.



Get a Whiff Co.’s “ It Was the Illemonati” candle.

Variety of Designs

Relaxation isn’t always about scent.  Sometimes peace comes from watching the waves crash on the beach or observing growth in your house plants. Get a Whiff Co. understands how aesthetics can impact your sense of calm.  That’s why all of our candles come packaged in a variety of glass jars that will fit seamlessly with any style of home décor.



There are many ways to find a sense of rest and relaxation throughout your day. Sometimes that can mean a little bit of self-care, but when you don’t have time, a more-natural candle can go a long way to help promote relaxation.  Get a Whiff Co. candles can take you there with our safer fragrances, clean-burning wax, and the soothing crackle and pop of our wood wicks.

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