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Quick, Easy Style Tips To Brighten Your Apartment

Quick, Easy Style Tips To Brighten Your Apartment

Create Your Ideal Living Space With Get A Whiff Co.

Affordable Decorating Starts Here!

Moving into a brand new apartment is like starting with a blank slate. You can decorate it however you want in a way that best suits your own or your significant other’s personal style. Get A Whiff Co. wants you to help you create a unique apartment vibe that embodies “home” in the most cozy and affordable way possible!

Get A Whiff’s “Let It Tea” glass candle

Go Affordable Whenever Possible

It can be tempting to splurge and buy highly expensive wall and furniture decor, but creating your own apartment design doesn’t have to be hard on your wallet. Instead, choose items that strike the balance between beautiful and affordable — this makes your overall budget go a long way. Even two complimentary glass candles can personalize a space without breaking the bank.


Get A Whiff’s “I’m Gonna Kick Your Lemongrass" glass candle

Add A Little Light Inside

Natural sunlight is one of the greatest apartment design elements you can bring to your new space. It greets you in the morning and helps you maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle. But if your building layout doesn’t offer a lot of natural light, you can get the same gorgeous effect with a beautiful glass candle in your favorite scent. This will also keep you from living in the dark during an emergency!


Get A Whiff’s “Can You Grow A Pear Already” glass candle

Freshen The Air And Your Aura

Much like a new car, your new apartment will have a more-or-less “neutral” scent when you move in. Now is your chance to choose what you (and your guests) experience right after walking through the front door. Do you want the room to have a fresh and bright vibe? Or one that’s calming and relaxing? Choose a glass candle that is the best representation of you and your personality.


Get A Whiff’s “I’m Busy Ignoring Currant Events” glass candle

Add A Little Character

True apartment design isn’t just about large pieces, like a sofa or coffee table — it’s also about all the little decor items that make your personal space feel unique. This can be a certain Bible verse that is meaningful to you; a personal memento from a loved one; or even a new glass candle with a witty and clever name. Wherever you or your guests lay eyes on these character pieces, it should strike up a conversation and make everyone feel more comfortable.



Decorating a new apartment is an opportunity you only get maybe a few times in your lifetime. Let Get A Whiff Co. help you live your best life with our collection of colorful glass candles!

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