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Why You Gotta Be So Brewed? (Fresh Brewed Coffee)

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Style: 7 Ounce Matte Black

It's warm, fresh & comforting.

this is a true-to-life coffee scent

coffee + sugar + cream

10 ounce: 60-70 hour burn. Works for medium-large rooms.
7 ounce: 40-50 hour burn. Works for small-medium rooms.

wood wick, coconut wax blend, phthalate-free, Prop 65-free

Relax to the crackle of our wicks. Forget about soy candles - you don't have to sacrifice performance to go more natural. Our coconut wax blend will fill the room with aroma without being too overpowering. We have many, many happy repeat customers and we hope you'll join the family.

Everything we make has been measured, melted, mixed and poured by hand in Southern California since 2017.

Thanks for supporting small business! Our virtual door is always open - reach out to us with any questions or concerns and we'll typically get back to you within 24 hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Coffee conquers all

Long ago, I found out the the smell of coffee grinds is the best thing to absorb truly unwanted odors (versus masking with other scents). So when I found this, i was ecstatic because I knew it would really help with those pesky kitchen and trash odors that come up every now and then and linger.

This did the job and gives our kitchen a home a nice coffee brew smell. I only wish the aroma would be stronger!

Dave T
Smells exactly like a vanilla latte!

Love this candle, it smells exactly like a vanilla latte. Tried it on a whim and will be ordering several more! Not overpowering or chemically smelling like a lot of other cheaper brands.

Abby S.
So warm and inviting!

Love this scent! It's exactly like having a pot of coffee brewing, and it's the perfect cozy aroma for chilly weather.

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