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3 Ounce - Amber Management Class (Amber & Cedar) Wax Melts

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Get ready to be schooled in scent! Enroll in our Amber Management Class, where we've mastered the art of aroma. These 100% soy wax melts are the professors of perfume, delivering a complex syllabus of sweet, sultry notes. We've got ripe plum, zesty citrus, and mysterious amber whispering sweet nothings to your nose. Jasmine, musk and amyris tag along, creating a fragrance that's as intoxicating as a pop quiz on a Monday morning. Best of all? Our fragrance is free from phthalates and Prop 65 carcinogens - because the only thing we're serious about is scent. Enroll today and let your senses graduate with honors!


7 tarts. 3 ounces.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lauren Willis
Warm and subtle fragrance

I am a big fan of these wax melts, the scent of Amber Management is subtle but long lasting, like if amber and cedar whispered something lovingly playful to leather and leather remembers it every day. I also adore the Santal scent, the gin scent and the put that in your pipe and smoke it. These melts are pricier but are absolutely worth it. I only buy wax melts from this company now.

Sindy Seal

They all smell the same and it’s not good! I loved the marketing and thought it would be a good product. Save your money!

Marcee Ben-Menachem
Smells fake

The base wax is high quality, but I can’t get over the fake smells of the scents. i don’t think any of the scents actually smell like the label. I can’t use them. Great packaging and names though.

Hi Marcee,

I'm sorry about your melts! We only advertise scent notes provided by our fragrance manufacturer, so we do our best!

Claire Sheppard
Amber management

I loved the lavender melt & the citrus melt I had gotten previously. I love amber & vetiver smells but unfortunately I did not like how the Amber management smelled. It smelled very perfumey and too strong. Not musky like I had thought it would smell. I will order another scent next time. I’m very sensitive to smells though so others might really enjoy it!

Such a shame

This was my favorite scent, I ordered it again for the first time since they switched to tins, the smell is coffee not the amber I love and I can barely smell it as it melts. I'm so disappointed because in the past these were the best melts, lasted for days with a strong scent. Now I've gotten the wrong smell in the tin and you can't smell it as it burns

Sorry the new melts weren't up to par Ealegh! I'm sending you an email to discuss further

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