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Our Pledge To Uvalde Families

I don't need to remind you about what happened or give any credit to the filth responsible.

We all know of the revolting tragedy that took place.

I would like for Get a Whiff Co to do some good in this world.

Effective immediately, half of all profits will be donated to VictimsFirst at least through the weekend. It is the largest fund to date for the victims and their families. We will post our donations to Instagram.

I struggled to find the right fund. You want to make sure the money is going to the right place. After looking at their history and financial statements, it is my belief that VictimsFirst is truly dedicated to the well being of both the victims and their families.

In the event the fund closes before then, we will donate to the next closest reliable fund for the victims and their families.

Obviously donating yourself is the most effective, but we're going to do our part.

We're a small business, so we simply don't do the volume to make a huge donation. But we're happy to know that we'll be able to contribute something.

Hopefully, one day future generations will only read about things like these in their textbooks.

Thanks for reading.

Striving for a better world,


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