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Great candles, made to order

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“Something as simple as scent can change the entire energy of a room”

As I've grown older, I've realized the importance of taking a second to appreciate the little things in life. A good stretch, a savory bite of your lunch, and even something as simple as a pleasant smell.

In my experience, a great candle is just that. It's uplifting and enhances your space. That's why we've been on our mission to create the best candles we possibly can. We don't take shortcuts here. 

Our Story

Oh, how time changes things. Four years ago, we began our first experiments in the kitchen. Soy wax, dyes, cotton wicks, a sea of different fragrances - we didn't know where to start. We just knew we had the determination to become the best at what we do.

We felt there was a lack of companies out there committed to safer fragrances. That's why we exclusively use scents that are not only free from phthalates, but also the carcinogens & reproductive toxins that can be found in many other fragrances.

From the early days of farmer's markets to the present days of online, our commitment has remained the same. We're always searching for ways to be better.

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Our mission

We're forever committed to bringing you the best value across the board. That means fragrant, safer, unique candles at a reasonable price.

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Fragrant & Clean Burn

Natural wax that burns free of soot. Keep the wick trimmed and away from drafts and you'll be in your happy place

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Safer Scents

Rest assured that our candles don't contain the naughty things. They're free of the harmful chemicals found in many other candles

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Handmade In The USA

Every candle is mixed, poured, prepared and packaged with love in Southern California. Small business rules.

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