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Ok I had went through at least 5 “decent” non toxic brands of wax melts and they were all awful until I found these! hands down the best, longest lasting and best scents out there! at last!!! thank you all so much!!!!

Memories of sitting talking to my Poppy

The warmth of an evening of brandy, pipe tobacco, and conversation

Sweet Orange Crackling Wooden Wick Scented Candle Made With Coconut Wax In Amber Jar (Citrus Protection Program)

Smells delicious! I have not used it yet.

Like man cologne and my grandfathers old bar of soap had a baby. No.

Eucalyptus Crackling Wooden Wick Scented Candle Made With Coconut Wax (You're Barking Up The Wrong Tree)

Like I spilled a bottle of man cologne in my house. Just no. :/

Fantastic scent!

This candle smells like magic in a French garden. The lavender smells so fresh and lovely - no fake notes, just gorgeous!

Smells awesome

Candle took a while to
Get to me a bit slow on shipping but the candle smells awesome

Very concentrated but pleasant scent

I would recommend the
Hippie Pheromones

Everything Ive ever wanted!

I have searched high and low for the perfect balance of these 2 scents and Ive finally found it!

I love the scent! Unfortunately, no one else in my home does, lol! Luckily, I have my own room ;) The packaging was safe and shipping pretty quick. I will definitely shop this store again

Fantastic scent!

The scent of these candles is so delicious, and the size of the tins is bigger than I expected - a great value. I was iffy about ordering a candle I hadn't smelled first, but this was better than I expected. Will happily order again!

What an amazing scent!! I've wanted to purchase this for a few months, and I'm glad I finally did!
Will definitely purchase from this company again!

Amazing candles

I love these candles. The wooden wick sounds are calming and the candles smell amazing.

Love it but…..

One very small constructive criticism- I love the candles, the scent, the wicks , the jar - incredible. The only concern I have is after the candle burned down about 3/4, the label caught fire. Other than that. What a beautiful product!!

Not enough patchouli

I could barely smell the patchouli!

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