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Smells Like Fall

I wait all year for this to come out because it’s the best, best fall smelling candle. I’m immediately transported to a crispy fall day (no matter how hot it still is outside).

You’re Barking Up the Wrong Tree

The scent of this candle is unbearable! There’s no Eucalyptus scent. It smells like the cheap candles you buy from TJ Max.

Wish it was a perfume

It’s my favorite gettin’ cozy reading candle. And the smell - my god. It makes me want to start smoking a pipe.

Just fabulous

The sent is really wonderfully hypnotic and not over powering.. Just great!!

Love it!

Perfect fall apple smell. Will be getting more!!

Gift Box
Wonderful Gift

My son uses therapeutic candles regularly. He was so excited to get his “Sage against the Machine” candle as a surprise gift. He said it’s by far his favorite candle he uses and the scent is wonderful. He was also impressed with the packaging. He said “ I knew it was a good one when I noticed the box it came in”. I’m extremely pleased with the surprise I gave my son!!

Love opening up my closet

Every time I open my coat closet it smells divine and woodsy with a little hint of sweetness

Great fall car air freshner!

My car smells amazing, yummy! Much better than before. It also is long lasting but not over powering. Highly reccomend.

Love these clean candles

These are the only candles I use. I love that they are clean and also smell up my house. Their customer service is spot on too.


Love the fun names and love the smell even more! You can smell these immediately after lighting them and scent fills almost my entire apartment! I think I've found my new favorite candle company. 😊

Vanilla & Patchouli Crackling Wooden Wick Scented Candle Made With Coconut Wax (Have You Seen My Gluten-Free Magic Crystals?)

Car Frehsner

Thus fulfilled all my expectations!

3 Ounce - Socially Acceptable Drugs Wax Melts (Coffee)


So much that I'm actually leaving a review! Absolutely love the scents. They are never disgustingly sweet or overpowering. They are beautiful, balanced, non-toxic scents at a reasonable price. Thank you! I bought and will continue to buy in groups to give as gifts. And I use in my home and therapy practice. :)

My favorite scent

I buy this scent in the wax melts and in the largest candle. It’s wonderful- especially if you like Jasmine and peach, but I would call it a crowd pleaser

Sage against the machine car freshener

The smell only lasted about a week

Great smell

The smell is great and the candle lasts longer than others I have purchased

This is one of my favs

Don't smell citrus, but the Lavender is so aromatic and calming. Gets me through my workday. ✔️

My favorite candle

This candle looks and smells great!

Great for Winter!

This candle smells like winter and the holidays :) I don't even like gin all that much, but this candle is amazing!

Really nice spring/summer candle!

This smells great, it's not overwhelming, and the name (as always) is perfect! I'm never disappointed by Get a Whiff's scents!

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