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Based on 969 reviews
Perfect summer candle

Love this candle! It's fruity and summery but not overwhelming. Love the amber jar and design. All of my candles from this company have lasted awhile too - and I burn candles daily!

Laundry Today Or Naked Tomorrow

Lovely fragrance that is light and clean for the home or in the car.

My favorite candle is now in my car!

I bought this car freshener after I received my "Damn You Lookin' Pine" candle; I know I wanted this scent to be in my car! I don't buy a lot of car fresheners as it is, but I love this one! I've kept it in my car for a while now and it's still just as strong as when I first bought it. 10/10 would recommend.

Sleep mode candle

Just get it. Smells awesome if you need to feel zen. Stress relief when winding down for bed.

Rally round the family, with a pocket fills smells

Not so evil ScentPire

Best Candles!

These candles burn so nicely and smell so wonderful. For a little self-care sensory moment, just remove the top, close your eyes, and take a deep inhale. Ahhhhh.


Love how these candles burn so cleanly and smell so divine - my new favorite brand!

Let's Snort Some Lavender Candle!

I've loved/used lavender candles for 30 years ~ & this is now my favorite. Why? It's not a single-note lavender ~ it's a terrific blend that includes lemon, bergamot, & cedar.

None of the scents are overwhelming ~ so the blend is both many-layered & subtle! Sometimes blends have a floral scent that is too strong for me, but this lavender blend does *not* ~ it's mellow & calming.

I really like the coconut wax; & I'm crazy about the wood wick. I love how it crackles slightly ~ it makes me super happy & cozy.

I trim the wood wick every time before I light it, & I've *never* had an issue with a sparky flame.

Thanks, Whiff Folks, for an excellent candle. I'll be ordering more!

The ONLY Candle I Will Ever Need

This is a PHENOMENAL candle! If I could buy out their entire supply of this candle, I would. It's crisp, clean, refreshing, and reminds you so much of the outdoors that you feel like you're camping. The eucalyptus and mint are great stress relievers and I love lighting this and smelling it while I work. This is an absolute MUST BUY

Island-breeze staycation

Next best thing to actually being on a Caribbean beach with a tropical cocktail in hand. Love this scent for summer!

Amazing Candle

I bought this candle as a gift, and once I got it I wanted to order one for myself. It smells like a tropical getaway!

Fantastic scent and always receives compliments

Have been burning this non stop since I purchased. People walk in to my house and immediately comment on how wonderful it smells!!

Very high Quality with a great scent.

The best candles I have ever purchased.

Best candle I've ever bought!

I am a huge fan of candles and I've recently found that Sandlewood is one of my favorite scents. This "Sage Against The Machine" candle takes that and enhances it with the added notes of lavender, rosemary and others. I am absolutely IN LOVE with the overall design and names of these candles! I ordered my second one not too long after this once because I knew I had to try it!

I purchased this candle through an ad on social media. I loved the look and clicked the bait. I love candles but haven’t been able to use them for years once I realized that most candles caused headaches. Decided to give these candles a try after reading all about them. The smell is absolutely AH-MAZING!! And the best part, no headaches from harmful chemicals and fragrances. Just placed an order for 3 more candles!!!

My teenage angst has mellowed into candle love

My new favorite candle! The scent is soothing and strong enough to carry throughout rooms but not overpower. The wick burns even with little smoke. As soon as I finish this review, I’m ordering more.

A+ Candle

I’m very happy with this candle.
It smelled wonderful and the scent carried well throughout the room. I am also
Impressed at how evenly it burned, as some 1 wick candles leave a lot of unused wax around the sides.


LOVE not only how this candle smells, but how cleanly it burns. The crackle is pleasant and peaceful. Perfect for some amazing, relaxing ambiance. I'll be back for more!

Great travel candle

This candle has a wonderful energy and pleasant aroma- not overwhelming. The tin size is convenient for traveling, and a great option when on the road for clearing the energy in a space.

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