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Based on 1103 reviews
The best!

Great fragrance for the kitchen. Almost like we have fresh baked cookies!

Love it!!

Peppermint mochas are my favorite and this candle does not disappoint!


Gives off a soft not overbearing smell. It doesn't give me a headache like most other candle companies do. I am obsessed I literally burn my candle twice a day. It relaxes me most def. Also this candle melts perfectly and evenly, no raised wax edges. In love!

Thee best

The cables are amazing. Clean long burn and incredibly fragrant.


This is one of the best candles I've ever smelled. I love it. It lights super easily too and sounds amazing while lit. I love this product and ordering more. I can't wait for the car fresheners to get restocked.

Ginger, Spice & All That Nice Sh*t
Hester Sunshine
It’s good, not great

Love all the get a wiff line but this wasn’t my fave. The scent is very mellow and I’m missing all the ginger and citrus and clove, and allspice notes. Mostly smelled like vanilla tbh. This is not a scent I’ll buy again.


This smells like winter in Santa Fe, soooo amazing and nostalgic! Fresh mountain air, pines, and warmth. Also great throw, scents my whole house. Bought the tin to test the scent and will deff be going back for the full size one!

Smells of Christmas throughout my room

All Get a Whiff candles are amazing. I love the crackle of these wicks when relaxing and reading a good book. Makes a great gift and remember to buy one for yourself or you won't want to give it away.
I want to add the service from this company is awesome. I wasn't sure if the shipment would be here before Christmas, so I sent an email, and the shipment was rushed to be received before Christmas.

My husband requested a 2nd candle. Bought one for him & one for my dad. Masculine and pretty @ the same time. Worth the $. Unique and funny names.

You smellin' pine, too

This was the first candle I bought here, and after buying many more of different kinds, this one is still my favorite. It's simply the best blend of natural, woodsy fragrances; I'm never tired of it no matter how often I burn it.
The husband wanted to take it to his office and I went into a defensive crouch over it and told him it was me, or the candle.
He asked me to give him time to think about it.

We're still married, but it was a near thing. Thankfully, Lance keeps these in stock.

Oh, Fir Sure
Hill Lubin
Awesome Candle

Such great scent, long lasting too


This is my favorite candle! The smell is perfect and adds such a lovely warmth to our home.

A classic!

This scent is the first one I bought, and it never fails to deliver

Smells so damn good

Love this purchase! The scent is remarkable!

A great gift!

I bought this for my brother for Christmas and he gave a rating 10/10. He loves this scent and show.


I discovered this brand at a little local shop & purchased two. When I lit the candle I was amazed at how good the fragrance was & had to look to see what else was available. I love the scents, the wicks, everything. Cannot reccomend these candles enough.

Looks great and smells amazing

I am new to Get a Whiff Co and this was one of my first purchases. I haven’t had or burned a scented candle or wax melt in years out of concern for harmful ingredients and a lack of transparency with a lot of products on the market. There could be more products out there that check all the right boxes but how would we know? I love that this company is so conscientious about the ingredients, that they put all the info online so it’s easy to find, and the punny names and stylish containers put it over the top. This pine and eucalyptus candle is perfectly fragranced. It’s not too heavy on one scent over another. It’s a perfect blend. I also like that they came with tips for how to make them last and burn evenly. And the crackle of the wood wick is real! Big fan of this brand.

Coffee conquers all

Long ago, I found out the the smell of coffee grinds is the best thing to absorb truly unwanted odors (versus masking with other scents). So when I found this, i was ecstatic because I knew it would really help with those pesky kitchen and trash odors that come up every now and then and linger.

This did the job and gives our kitchen a home a nice coffee brew smell. I only wish the aroma would be stronger!

Great smell

I really enjoy the smell of this candle, it's not too strong. My only complaint and reason for not giving it five stars is the fact that it doesn't burn evenly. It burns tunnels really bad. The first time I lit it, I let it burn for 4 hours and it would not melt all the way to the edge.

Hey Tj,

I'm sorry this happened. It sounds like it was a rare defect - possibly the wick was trimmed way too short by us. I'm sending you an email.

love it!

love this smell!

LOVE this candle!

This candle is amazing, smells so good and the wood wick is a unique feature. I love the clever names of all of their candles as well. Customer service was quick to respond and went above and beyond. I will definitely be back for more!

You Bein' Real Saucy Right Now (Cranberry & Pine)
Jessica Crownover

LOVE this scent!

Let It Tea Car Freshener
Valerie Fulkerson

Always a delight to share these car fresheners with friends. To see their reaction when they “Get A Whiff” brings a smile!

Best winter candle

Perfect for the winter / Christmas season!!!

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