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Based on 1194 reviews
Such A Sweet Smell!

I love this candle! I can really smell the pear and jasmine together. My home smells so good! Thank you for making these wonderful and clean candles.

No big deal

I found these candles to be way over priced! I like the options for smells but it's not very potent in my home and one of these candles is the same price as 2 I could have purchased anytime in a store nearby. I'm definitely bummed about Get a Whiff CO

Hey Bernard,

Sorry to hear you weren't a fan. Unfortunately, we can't compete with candles imported from China as we make everything here by hand. Thanks for giving us a try!


High quality, enchanting crackling wick and lovely scent with a room filling throw. Will purchase again!

Smells Delish

This candle smells awesome and for the most part on par with the sellers description. I’ve only burned it for a few hours so far but the quality and scent is great.
Packaging was done with care. Burning instructions were helpful! Four stars because not as woody of a scent as I was hoping for.

Summertime in a jar!

Subtle and sweet! Perfect summer scent in the house!

Obsessed with these candles

Best candles ever! I’m a customer for life!

Smells awesome! Doesn't last long.

Smelled great just didn't laugh long enough.

Love this Scent!

So fresh and clean! Every scent I try from Get a Whiff is so amazing, but The Virgin Rosemary and Sage Against the Machine will ALWAYS have my heart.

Great smell and customer service!

I love the smell of this, it’s not too strong and not too suttle. Customer service is excellent!


Most scented candles literally make me ill. I have to leave stores that carry them. However, the Get A Whiff products are so pure that I have no reaction to them. I especially love the "Through Thick and Gin" scent.


One of the best scent I got! I love candles and lavender is one of my favorite scents. I tried Get a Whiff for first time and I love the combination with sage and some others, so far my favorite. I need to try some other combinations like the citric for summer and get more lavender ( my husband stole it for his study room) I am very satisfied with this company, plus you lite something in your house that you know is not going to harm your health.

The kind of candle I’ve been looking for.

I love the scent of this candle. The different notes blend well resulting in a very balanced scent. Will definitely buy again.

Made me want coffee


Hi Nikki,

Sorry you weren't a fan of the coffee melts. I've sent you an email to discuss further.


My absolute favorite scent

If I could roll in this smell I would! I can't get enough and I get compliments every time someone walk into our house asking what scent it is.

In The Mountains

This scent is great! My husband loves the way his truck smells now

Awesome scent

I am enjoying this scent. And live that it's not toxic.

Loyal forever

Best scents. Best product. Best service.

it’s always honey (in my room)

i looooooove ‘it’s always honey in philadelphia’!! i’ve never gotten more compliments on a candle. the scent lingers in a really pleasant way. this is also the first honey/sweet scented candle i’ve ever enjoyed, because it is definitely sweet but not headache inducing, which a lot of scents can’t accomplish for me. i’m definitely getawhiff co.’s biggest fan for that reason<3

Gorgeous candle, a tad too sweet

This was my first candle from Get a Whiff and it was a delight. I love a wooden crackle wick and this did not disappoint. The sound of it burning is lovely, although it doesn't quite melt the wax all the way to the edge of the jar. The scent was perfect for lending a subtle aroma to the room but it's definitely heavy on the honey. Looking forward to trying my next candle and finding a better scent match!

If you love tea, get this!

I was looking for tea-scented wax melts, and this product delivers! I love the harmony of fresh citrus and delicate tea notes lingering in my home. Very lovely


This candle smells amazing. Love the wood wicks and it burns so nicely.

Great scent!

Smells wonderful and I love the Cedar wick.


I absolutely love all the candles and car fresheners!! So hard to find all natural non toxic products like this

Damn, you smelling euca-licious!

I absolutely love all the scents so far but this one is perfect. I adore the foresty, strong pine but the candle isn't overwhelming and is so soothing for my office. I am definitely going to purchase another one next order!

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